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Why Living Style?

Living Style Furniture – FREE no-obligation CUSTOM DESIGN SERVICE!

It’s re-assuring to know that in this frantic fast paced world we live in today that some things are better achieved at a less frantic pace. Take the time to consider the options, smell the timbers, feel the fabrics, see the colours, choice and our range of fabulous solid timber furniture products. At Living Style Furniture we encourage you to visit our showroom, take your time and leisurely meander through our furniture displays. No hassles, no pressure and when you are ready we will be there to assist. Solid Timber Furniture, we know how it will positively impact your home or office. Bring your designs, sizes and wish list along and we’ll do our best to make it a reality. Our staff are trained professionals and can take your drawings and draft an accurate design visual for your appraisal.

Living Style Furniture – SOLID TIMBER FURNITURE – a solid investment

Remember when furniture was built to last, an object of beauty & enjoyment to be cherished for a lifetime to come, a time when quality, form and function was held in high esteem? When New Zealand Made was the norm not the exception? At Living Style Furniture we have never forgotten the importance of offering our clients the opportunity of making a well-considered purchasing decision based on the facts, not just price. That’s why we specialise in retailing a range of exceptional premium quality, craftsmanly built and hand finished solid timber furniture. Solid timber furniture out performs, out-lasts, looks, smells and presents like no other. Obviously Solid Hardwood Timber Furniture does cost more than veneers, pine, pressed boards, engineered glued together timber remnants, but the difference sets us apart. Solid hardwood timber, fresh milled or re-claimed, when placed into the hands of a specialist furniture maker is a magical sight to behold, an object of beauty that transcends time itself. Hardwood solid timber furniture will always be a solid investment decision.

Living Style Furniture – SOLID TIMBER FURNITURE – naturally a better choice

Timber is the oldest most appealing natural furniture making resource in the world. It’s timeless beauty, resilience and flexibility in design application makes it the preferred choice for craftsmen furniture makers still today. Solid Timber Furniture can be anything you want & need it to be – innovative, practical, functional, versatile, simple, complex. From the sublime to the surreal, it’s the ideal natural, renewable environmentally friendly furniture making resource. Wood is naturally better than other materials such as metal or glass.
Timber products play a significant role in reducing global warming – greenhouse gas emissions. When compared with many other building materials, the production of timber requires less energy in harvesting, transportation & manufacturing processes. Purchasing Solid Timber Furniture is an environmentally friendly way you can reduce your carbon footprint whilst creating something functional and beautiful for your home environment that will stand the test of time.

Living Style Furniture – SOLID TIMBER FURNITURE – Care about the Environment

Timber is a Natural Renewable Resource that provides an eco-friendly means of manufacturing quality, innovative, enduring, hard wearing and functionally beautiful furniture of distinction. Growing trees remove carbon dioxide from our atmosphere, carbon dioxide is a major air pollutant global warming green house effect contributor. Solid timber furniture locks-in-carbon infinitely, half it’s dry weight is carbon. Choosing solid timber furniture is an eco-friendly purchasing decision to feel good about. The production of timber furniture uses less fossil fuel energy than most other alternative furniture manufacturing products. Most of Living Style Furniture’s Solid Timber Furniture is hand crafted by craftsman furniture/cabinet makers, using traditional hand tools and construction methods, which means even less fossil fuels being used in the manufacturing process.

Living Style Furniture – NZ MADE NATURAL TIMBER - A Natural Choice

New Zealand is a beautiful country blessed with an abundance of re-newable natural resources – timber is one of them. From the early settlers to modern times, Kiwi’s have been using wood as a main resource in the building & furnishing industries. Solid Timbers are perfect for crafting durable, functional and stunning premium quality furniture that will stand the test of time. New Zealand is recognised internationally as a producer of fine timber furniture. New Zealand craftsmen and manufacturing procedures have set the standard in solid wood furniture design and building excellence for over 100 years. In today’s economic climate competing with cheap timber furniture imports, it is becoming harder for New Zealand Timber Furniture Manufacturers to compete. The New Zealand Timber Furniture Industry is under constant threat of extinction. Living Style Furniture has seen these forces at play for many years. So whenever and wherever we can promote New Zealand designed and built furniture to our customers - that’s what we do. Made-to-order to your exact specifications by Kiwi’s craftsmen, here in New Zealand, creating jobs for New Zealand. Living Style Solid Wood Furniture is precision built to exacting specification from sustainably harvested & re-claimed timbers by true craftsmen furniture makers, it’s a New Zealand iconic art form not to be lost!

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