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Living Style Furniture is an exclusive boutique factory producing very well designed and finished wood furniture. Their outstanding pieces are sure to bring pleasure to families for generations. Incorporating all manners of furniture, from dining suites to bedroom furniture, this talented crew have a definitive sense of style, and this clearly shows in the final product.

 When entering the showroom, you immediately feel at home and the temptation to run your hands over the fine finish of the pieces on show is almost too much to bear. But the fingertips will thank you for not resisting this temptation as they encounter a smooth, polished surface with an inner life of it’s own. This life pulsates through the senses, reinforcing the name Living Style. The clean lines of the designs are very pleasing to the eye and the difference in hue’s of the varying timbers is a delightful experience, not to mention the rich aroma of finely crafted wood. Dilbar can keep you entertained for hours with his incredible knowledge of the different timbers used in creating these fine pieces. Further to this, Dilbar and his team are enthusiastic about creating niche pieces for your needs. Every so often we encounter a space that needs just that special piece of furniture and no matter how hard we look, we can’t find the piece that will fit. Well, Living Style have countered that and embrace the opportunity to design and make custom furniture especially for you. You can pop in to see Dilbar in his warm and homely showroom, bring your sketches and dimensions, and he and his team will produce exactly what you are looking for. Isn’t that wonderful? Problem solved!

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