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Care For Your Furniture

Congratulations on your new furniture! We hope that it will serve you and your family for generations to come and you create many happy memories with it. Your new furniture has been made to the highest standards and with proper care and attention should last a lifetime. The care and attention you show will enhance the look and keep the finish in top-notch condition for years to come.

For Best Results

  • Avoid leaving wet objects directly on surfaces, e.g. unprotected vase bases.
  • Avoid solvents such as perfumes & cosmetics, automotive and silicon based compounds; these will deteriorate the finish rapidly.
  • Avoid sources of heat such as direct sunlight, heaters or radiators.
  • Try not to lean on drawers for support; they are designed to hold moderate weights but not people!
  • Avoid ring marks by using coasters and mats where needed.
  • When necessary use a damp cloth to clean the surface.
  • If wooden drawers start to stick then apply some neutral coloured candle wax to the side and underneath runners. (Note this does not apply to metal runners. As you know most of our drawers do run on metal runners).
  • Small marks and scratches may be touched up with crayon, wax sticks or wax polish.
  • For a luxurious finish we recommend Spray Glow, this product is superb at leaving your furniture clean and lustrous.
  • If your furniture does require it, you can get the timber refinished. Please contact us for a list of recommended professional re finishers.

Best wishes and thank you for your custom – you have just helped New Zealand grow!

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