How To Choose Bookshelf Unit

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Just because all bookshelves have the potential to hold books doesn't mean that they're all equal. Purchasing a bookshelf for your living room or office should be an informed and well-researched decision in order to tie all your living room furniture together. Your bookshelf should make a statement as well, but not in a gaudy way. The right bookshelf has the potential to be a trendy and attractive focal point of your living room, so it's vital that you pick the right one. Keep reading the article below for helpful tips and ideas on how to choose the perfect bookshelf. Your living room will thank you for your hard work and dedication.

Choosing the Perfect Bookcase unit:


Measure your living room and decide where you want to put the bookshelf. Take the time to measure what space is available in your living room and use that information to find the best location for your new bookshelf. You'll want to make sure there's enough room to walk by the bookshelf and that it won't overcrowd your living room once it's in place. In addition to measuring for floor space, also measure wall and ceiling space. Make sure that you have enough height for a tall bookshelf. Be open to the idea of re-arranging your other living room furniture in order to find the best placement possible.

  • Know ahead what you're going to put on your bookshelf. Although books are the traditional choice for bookshelf contents, knick-knacks are quickly gaining more and more popularity. In addition to books, people are now storing movies, board games, video games, photographs and other attractive accent pieces on bookshelves. When you know what you want to put on the shelves ahead of time, you'll know how much shelf space is needed. By knowing what you're going to store on your bookshelf, you'll know what kind and size of shelves you'll need to get. You'll be able to choose between adjustable shelves, drawers and shelves with glass doors. The more you know about the type of bookshelf you want, the faster your shopping experience will be.
  • Match your new bookshelf to your existing furniture. It's important that you match your new bookshelf to pre-existing living room furniture. For example, adding an embellished and sturdy bookshelf to your minimalistic modern living room is a fashion faux pas no matter how stylish the bookshelf is. A metallic bookshelf without any curlicues or additional detail will be a much better match to your modern living room furniture. When buying a new bookshelf, you'll need to take style, material and color into consideration. If you can't exactly match the color to the existing furniture, then think about matching it to another color or shade in the room's color palette.


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