How to choose quality solid wood furniture

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7 Tips how to choose quality solid wood furniture


As we all know, choosing the right furniture is more than falling in love with its initial beauty. The style and construction of the furniture has to last many years, so considering the distinct details and quality of construction of a particular piece is a good way to help seal the deal and a little pro guidance never hurts. Below are some useful tips to help you to how to choose quality solid wood furniture.




  1. Solid wood v Veneer, chipboard or particleboard construction


You want the furniture piece to feel solid and heavy. Avoid particleboard, chipboard, Veneer board and light aluminum frames and stick with solid wood construction. Solid wood frames will generally last much longer and is the standard for fine furniture. However, make sure that the price is consistent with your expectations for how long the piece is going to last.

 At Living Style every piece of furniture is made out of solid wood you will be assure it is going to with you and your many lifetimes to come. Furniture pieces from Livingstyle not only will last longtime but also will give you happiness for years to come


  1. Dovetailed Drawer joints


As a Cabinetmaker, the dovetail drawer is my absolute choice based on the fact that in all the antique furniture I have seen and refinished, the only drawers still functioning and not torn up are dovetails. Since my pieces have a 10 Year warranty, I generally prefer the solid dovetail so I don't have to re-do. Like my Teacher (My Dad) said, "If you don't have time to do it right, do you have time to do it over?"

Every drawer in piece of living style furniture will open and close perfectly for as long as furniture will last, you will enjoy them for long time.


3. Quality Drawer Runners


The biggest benefit to metal drawer slides is their exceptionally smooth sliding motion. This is due to the use of wheels and ball bearings which allow the drawer to slide in and out with very little friction. Wood drawer slides, while perfectly usable, do not slide with as much ease as metal drawer slides with over period of time they prone to warn out and sticky.

Here at Living style furniture all our drawers slides on Metal drawer runners from basic to touch open or soft close. You will be delighted with your purchase when your drawers will open and close effortlessly for many years to come J


  1. Durable Lacquer Finish

Most professionals still regard lacquer as the best all-around finish for wood because it dries fast, imparts an incredible depth and richness to the wood and exhibits excellent durability. Another noteworthy advantage of the lacquer finish is its longevity and general wear resistance. Pieces finished with lacquer products wear well, resisting heat discoloration, water spills, oils, dilute acids, and alcohol. The lacquer finish also resists cracking due to heat modulation or wood shrinkage. Lacquer also doesn't oxidize and become crumbly or brittle over time as is the case with many oil based products. These factors lend lacquer finishes exceptionally good life spans, thereby allowing them to remain attractive and serviceable for longer than many other treatments.

Here at living style every piece of solid wood finished in lacquer finish supply by Mirotone who they claim to be the world’s leader since 1938


  1. Three way adjustable door hinges

Concealed mortise hinge non-adjustable and Butt Hinges - are not installed in the door frame or door panel, but screwed onto the door construction ... Concealed hinges - are mounted in such way that they are not visible from outside when the door is closed. ... Three grades of durability for single-axis hinges are identified


  1. Plywood Drawer bottoms

A good quality desk or chest of drawers should have plywood drawer bottoms not MDF or chipboard. This not only makes them stronger structurally, but also will last many years to come. Cabinet back panels that face the wall should be plywood Backs and unexposed parts should be sanded smooth and well fitted and finished. This is an important feature as only well constructed furniture has these details.

At Living Style all drawer bottoms and unit back are plywood no chipboard or hardboard ever used in any of our furniture pieces. You will have a piece of mind your furniture will last many life times.


  1. Corner glue blocks

A glue block is the original furniture bracer. It’s a solid piece of wood that helps support the corner joints. There are newer steel corner plates but they don’t perform the same function as a glue block, they not only take away from the look of the furniture but they can also lower the value of it. Any valuable furniture especially solid wood they must have glue blocks.

At Living Style all our furniture items such as tables, stools and chairs have corner glue blocks. You know these pieces are design and built to last many life times

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